Game and Nature Reserves

Prinsenhof, Prince’s garden or, Prinsenhoftuin is a garden built in renaissance style that is located in Groningen, behind the Prinsenhof This Garden consists of a rose garden, a herb garden, a part with berceaus and a sundial on the wall above the entrance. The letters ‘W’ and ‘A’, the beginletters of stadtholder Willem Frederik of Nassau and his wife Albertine Agnes of Nassau, are planted in the Prinsentuin to, using hedges.

City Park in Groningen is an approximately 140-hectare park on the southwest side of the city in the Stadsparkwijk . It is a municipal monument . The park is laid out in a low-lying, marshy bog that is partially covered with a layer of clay. The City Park is made up of several components. At the entrance of the park, the Paterswoldseweg is a Arboretum. West of the trotting track is located on the edge of the pond pavilion completed in 1926.

Noorderplantsoen is an urban public park in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands, situated slightly north of the city center. Its name is Dutch for northern public garden. Every year a number of events take place in the Noorderplantsoen, of which the Noorderzon Theater Festival is well known. This cultural event takes place at the end of August and is visited by over 125,000 visitors. Website available in Dutch. Image Map